Mineral Hygienics Retractable Kabuki Brush

Mineral Hygienics Retractable Kabuki Brush

FeaturesA portable version of our Flawless Application Face Brush; it has a retractable brush head and protective cover.The soft; tapered brush head provides light-to-medium coverage all over the face.Perfect for on-the-go; the silky synthetic bristles of this retractable brush are angled to fit the contours of your face for precise medium-to-full coverage.Take your Kabuki on the road without worrying about damaging your bristles.Similar to our Kabuki; the retractable kabuki is a firm with compressed bristles to provide wonderful coverage.The super soft bristles are a synthetic and feel amazing on your face as the round taper provides smooth; even coverage.Item Weight - 0.3 lbs.

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